Young Creatives at De La Warr Pavilion x Zadie Xa
February - June 2020 

A project working with the Young Creatives (a group of young people aged 14-21) to help form and produce an ambitious public event informed by the ideas found in the Zadie Xa exhibition showcasing the varied forms of New Rituals that the Young Creatives are involved in.

The event was set to be a mix of activities, art works and actions all devised by the Young Creatives and the different hobbies, rituals and communities that they are part of, giving a public platform to often unseen actions throughout the entire building.

The project pivoted around two questions, one about change and how we react, adjust and accept changes in activities, technologies, ideas and ways of living and the other question focused around how we build communities as a result of these changes.

Due to Covid-19 the project was reimagined. As a result the young people conducted interviews with artists and peers about change as well as creating new art works informed by these conversations. A podcast was made collating their interviews with family members during Lockdown.


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