Kill ‘em All; Enough is Never Enough is Enough

FD009, CDr 8cm, 2011

A composition of guitar solo’s by Metallica’s Kirk Hammett simultaneously played until tasteful duet.
Relased on the Foredoom label, 2011. 

Review from VitalWeekly, 

'Kill 'Em All, Let God Sort Them Out', the pope once declared when taking in a city and one his servants expressed wether 'good catholics' my die too. There is only track here, 'Enough Is Never Enough Is Enough' by one Sam Ayre, of whom I never heard, and the track is 6'57. Its made out of a guitar solos recorded by some rock band - obviously, if I was a real journalist I would recognize it, or look it up and be proud of my knowledge - which I don't recognize, and which I don't care about anyway. File under 'conceptual jokes'.


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