What am I looking at? Is it art? What am I supposed to think? How should I behave around art?
What is acceptable? What isn’t? What shouldn’t I think about?
Should I be silent? Is my opinion valid?
What am I even doing here?

It’s hard to have ownership over something that isn’t yours, especially when it’s in a public space but the objects on display are not public.

A project for a public gallery or museum: A group of students are invited to attend a series of workshops that explore the work on display in the institution.

At the end of the sessions, the participants are invited to be in the gallery space as ‘insecurity guards’ or ‘walking interpretation panels’.  Wearing the high-vis vests with ‘INSECURITY’ printed on the back, they will be in the gallery space to field members of the public’s questions, offer opinions, prompt questions and activate the work on display.