Whitechapel Gallery, 30 Jan - 26 May 2024

A collection of sculptural furniture made from reclaimed an salvaged wood. 

Edge Effects is a participatory project that takes inspiration from nature to shape an ongoing series of artist residencies with primary and secondary schools in Newham, East London.

Lead artist Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck, featuring contributions by writer and gardener Sonya Patel Ellis and artist Sam Ayre. Project led by curator and artist Kirsty Lowry in collaboration with teachers and students from Vicarage Primary School and Plashet School in Newham, East London.

From the Gallery: 

A place to sit, pause and read has been carved out of reclaimed and salvaged wood using inherited tools and skills passed down from the artist’s late grandad. The various woods feature all the knots, textures, holes and grooves of their respective journeys
from tree to timber. This furniture is borne out of a practice that centres conversation and collaboration, seeking to build community as much through the relationships formed on the forage for offcuts, as by the conversations that can be exchanged across the carefully crafted table.

Further details, 

Above: Edge Effects, Whitechapel Gallery, Spring 2024, Photo: Rob Harris