Alexandra Palace x OOF Gallery, June - September 2023 

A four month project of bi-monthly meetings, workshops, talks and gallery visits focusing on all aspects of curating/exhibition production for young people aged 18-28, in collaboration with Alexandra Palace and generously hosted by the brilliant team at OOF Gallery.

The project culminated in a group show produced, curated and featuring works by the group and their communities held in Coombes Croft Library from 15th - 29th September.  Featuring paintings, performances, sculpture, textiles, tattooing, cakes, moving image and digital art works. 

The exhibition doubled as the launch of a new creative group space, devised by the group called 'The Third Place', meeting monthly at Alexandra Palace to provide space for young people aged 18-28 to share ideas, develop new skills, work with visiting artists and support each other to be creative in the city.

Exhibition press release here