Board of Art 

An ongoing series of chopping board sculptures,  each one-off piece is handmade using tools and skills I inherited from my late grandad, made of reclaimed wood sourced through conversation, treated in Osmo Top Oil so you can use it as an actual chopping board or hang it/place it as a sculpture.

Stock is always changing, currently available... 

textured edge, reclaimed from a 1950s kitchen cupboard.

28 x 10 x 2cm 

reclaimed weather-board from a farm building 

 42 x 12 x 1.5cm


heavy duty, amazing colours, sourced from bespoke joiners offcuts. 

32 x 19 x 3cm 

thick, gorgeous grain, sourced from a sawmill offcuts pile. 

39 x 22 x2cm 

heavy duty, gorgeous colouring,sourced from bespoke joiners offcuts.

32 x 17 x 3cm