Claire Ratinon and Black Lives Matter
June 2020

A painting in response to my partner being ‘tone policed’ on Instagram in during the peak of the Black Lives Matter uprising in June 2020. 
Initially a run of 10 paintings, the demand was so high that I created 50, available to anyone in exchange for a minimum donation of £40 to a number of charities supporting Black lives, raising £2,500 in the process. 
Full Instagram post below from @claireratinon ;

I didn’t hide how frustrated I was at how many plant people and organisations continued on through last week as though nothing was happening. The privilege of posting regular content on a week when so many were quietening down to amplify black voices and take some time to listen, learn and reflect was heartbreaking. I don’t get to pretend racism isn’t a thing so watching people ignore the conversation because it doesn’t affect them was deeply disappointing.

So for all those who agreed that last week was not the right time for talking about fucking french beans, my person @samsamayre has created 10 original artworks using the phrase that got me unfollowed and tone policed in my DMs.

Each piece is hand-painted in ink and gouache on A3 300gsm recycled card and if you want one, I’m asking that you donate at least £40 to any of the following organisations:


Then DM me the receipt and one of these ‘fuck your fucking french beans’ pieces will be yours 🌿🌿🌿